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Welcome to Legacy

Legacy is unique in that it is a single source provider, researching, developing, building integration and implementing every aspect of its Inmate Telephone.

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Friends and Family Services

We are dedicated to providing the public with a simpler, more affordable way of staying in touch.

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Customer Support

Legacy boast the industry’s leading customer support team dedicated to your facility’s communication success.

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Industry News

Keep up to date on all industry news, emerging technology, events and regulations.

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Core Services

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Unprecedented Communication

Providing your facility with the most advanced communication solution on the market. Find out why everyone is switching to Legacy by discovering what we have to offer.

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Transparent Friends & Family Services

Save time and money by establishing a Friends and Family account. Legacy is dedicated to providing the public with a simpler, more afforadable way of staying in touch.

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Unmatched Facility Support

Don't settle for insufficient support. Legacy supports your facility every step of the way with proactive service, live 24/7 operators, local techs, free upgrades and dedicated staff.

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Latest Industry News & Events

Keep current with what is going on in your industry. Legacy is dedicated to providing you with the most accurate industry news and up to date information on our new services.

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Highly Recommended See what our clients are saying!

"We have been very satisfied with the new features that Legacy's iCON has to offer over our previous system. Our administrators can focus on more immediate tasks."

Sgt. Chirld Shagena / Fresno County Sheriff's Department

"Since switching to Legacy, we have seen a dramatic increase in revenue generated for our agency, as well as a decrease in telephone service downtime."

Captain Michael Ring / Jackson County Sheriff's Office

"The iCON system is extremely easy to use. Legacy excels in customer service, has tripled the jail's revenue on inmate phones and quickly responds to repairs."

Sheriff Gil Gilbertson / Josephine County Sheriff’s Office

"I'm pleased with the services of Legacy. Since using Legacy Inmate Communications our revenues have increased and payments are on time. I would recommend this vendor without reservation."

John A. Martin / Okmulgee County Jail

"Your staff's hard work, long hours and dedication made the transition from the previous inmate telephone system to Legacy's iCON remarkably smooth and did not produce any downtime."

Sgt. Chirld Shagena / Fresno County Sheriff's Department

"I highly recommend Legacy to any and all who can benefit from them. Our Commissions have tripled since we started, and most importantly, the checks are received on time, FINALLY."

Randy Neitzke / Beverly Hills Police Department